Good design is good business

We want to help people explain their new products or services. 
Talented solo founders or small startups make great products. But sometimes fall short in describing what they do to potential users. Often they don’t convert their landing page visitors into customers.

What would happen if you would apply UX methods, used for crafting digital products, to design a landing page? Research, copywriting, design and analytics evaluation.

Good design is the one that has a clear metric to improve. We're going to use the conversation rate.
Design seems easy but it's hard. But ”just enough” design can be a game-changer.

This website is for you if you're a
• Solo Founder
• Tech Founder
• Digital Designer
• Indie Hacker
Or anyone that has an online business and needs tips on how to design a great website. Using simple and actionable UX and Visual Design methods and practices.

Organizations have entire teams to improve conversion: Marketing, Design, User Research, and Analytics.
Our idea is to democratize knowledge. It’s not rocket science.

Tools are becoming more accessible (even free) and easy to use.
We will cover how to use the best ones.

It’s easier and cheaper to double your customers by increasing your conversion rate than by doubling the number of visitors.

What Conversion Design is not

We won’t teach you dark patterns or growth hacks.
We’re playing the long and honest game here – the one where you care about your users.

Conversion Design is not a substitute for a bad product or service, it can only go so far. Validating the idea, the market, and solving a genuine problem should be a precursor to your business growth.

Maker and author

I'm Oleg. I have 10 years of experience in Product and UX Design.
5 years for Trivago (1Mln users a day) where conversion was the ultimate metric for designers. 

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